Mental health training for the modern workplace.

We deliver Mental Health First Aid training to help organisations develop a healthier, happier more productive workplace.

Licensed evidence based Mental Health First Aid training

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Remote Online or In Person Training Options

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Digital First approach to Mental Health Training

Dealing with mental health in the workplace is challenging.
Especially these days.

We understand that handling mental health issues can seem overwhelming, especially when so much has changed in recent years. 

Remote working. Extended screen time. The pandemic. These are all things that are taking a toll on your employees’ wellbeing, making it harder for you to run a happy, successful business. 

You deserve a partner that can help you protect and promote the health and wellbeing of your organization – now and always.

We’re here to help. Contact us to find out how here.

Our unique approach to addressing mental health in the workplace.

Discover an easier, more modern way to build a resilient workplace with lasting impact.


Whether you want to train your leaders, managers, or all staff, we build a training that suits your unique needs.

A modern

We recognise that digital plays a big role in today’s mental health issues. That’s why we take a digital-first approach.

A young, engaging team

Mental health can be difficult to talk about. Our team are experts in making you feel safe and understood throughout.

We’re here to help you see transformative, lasting change.

Mental Health First Aid Training has proven positive results. The MENTOR study investigated employees’ views on the impact of MHFA England training in their workplace:


Increased confidence around mental health issues


Increased understanding of mental health issues


Of trained employees support other colleagues


More mental health conversations happening at work

Why Choose Our Training?

Accredited Mental Health Courses

Modern, digital-first approach

Evidence based

Social enterprise

Flexible in person or online delivery

Licensed provider


Employers are finding an average return of £5 for every £1 spent on mental health training